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Transgenomic provides versatile and innovative research tools and related consumable products to the

life sciences industry for the synthesis, separation, analysis and purification of nucleic acids and a wide variety of nucleic acid-based specialty chemicals. Transgenomic WAVE Systems offer discovery and detection of genetic variation at close to 100% sensitivity, making them among the most sensitive and accurate technologies for detection of known and unknown mutations and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs).  
     These systems are used throughout the world to screen for a large variety of diseases. More than 600 human genes have been screened entirely or partly by DHPLC. A multitude of other applications are being used with WAVE Systems in such diverse areas as plant genomics, microbial analysis, and drug sensitivity. With close to 1,300 installations around the world, the WAVE System technology has been accepted worldwide. The Transgenomic WAVE ® System Instruments utilize DHPLC (denaturing high-performance liquid chromatography), which is among the most sensitive and accurate technologies for detection of unknown genetic mutations and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). DHPLC is based on DNA heteroduplex formation and separation of heteroduplex from homoduplex molecular species by means of ion-pair reverse phase HPLC carried out with the Transgenomic patented separation DNASep ® cartridges. A series of WAVE system instruments meet the throughput requirements of all levels of genetic variation screening projects. The WAVE System is controlled by the proprietary Navigator� Software, which predicts analytical parameters with a high accuracy for optimal fragment separation and mutational analysis. Data and protocols can be uploaded and shared with the scientific community on the web-available database. Transgenomic provide dedicated solutions for discovery and detection of genetic variation, microbial analysis and oligo purification as well as a number of accessories including fragment collection  and fluorescence detection. Robust data analysis, consistency in results, and convenience are guaranteed by WAVE Optimized ® Buffers, standards and high fidelity Optimase ® DNA Polymerase.

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